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C# 5.0 in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference

C# 5.0 in a Nutshell (5th ed.)

The Definitive Reference

O'Reilly Media (2012)

When you have a question about C# 5.0 or the .NET CLR, this bestselling guide has precisely the...

Access VBA Programming For Dummies.
Wiley (2004)

This friendly, easy-to-use guide shows experienced Access users how to use VBA (Visual Basic for...

Data Structures and Algorithms Using Visual Basic.NET
Cambridge University Press (2005)

A tutorial and reference for implementation using VB.NET for data structures and algorithms from the...

Parallel Port Complete: Programming, Interfacing, & Using the PC's Parallel Printer Port

Parallel Port Complete

Programming, Interfacing, & Using the PC's Parallel Printer Port

Lakeview Research (2002)

This detailed guide for programmers, developers, and computer enthusiasts shows how to get the most...

VBA Developer's Handbook
Wiley (2006)

WRITE BULLETPROOF VBA CODE FOR ANY SITUATION This book is the essential resource for developers...

Programming in Visual Basic 2010: The Very Beginner's Guide

Programming in Visual Basic 2010

The Very Beginner's Guide

Cambridge University Press (2010)

An introduction to programming using Microsoft's Visual Basic.NET 2010 for anyone with little or no...

CodeNotes for VB.NET
Random House Publishing Group (2002)

CodeNotes provides the most succinct, accurate, and speedy way for a developer to ramp up on a new...

Mastering VBA for Office 2010
Wiley (2010)

A comprehensive guide to the language used to customize Microsoft Office Visual Basic for...

Microsoft Access 2010 VBA Macro Programming
McGraw-Hill Education (2010)

Develop custom Access VBA macros Perfect for power users, Microsoft Access 2010 VBA Macro...

Beginning Visual Basic 2010.
Wiley (2010)

Visual Basic 2010 offers a great deal of functionality in both tools and language. No one book could...