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Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies

Biodesign (2nd ed.)

The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies

Paul G. Yock, Stefanos Zenios and 7 more...
Cambridge University Press (2015)

A step-by-step, full-color guide to successful medical technology innovation with a new focus on...

Essentials of Sports Nutrition and Supplements
Humana Press (2009)

Millions of consumers want to lose body fat, gain muscle mass, and/or improve exercise performance....

Dance to the Tune of Life: Biological Relativity

Dance to the Tune of Life

Biological Relativity

Cambridge University Press (2016)

This book formulates a relativistic theory of biology, challenging the common gene-centred view of...

BIOS Instant Notes in Organic Chemistry
CRC Press (2003)

Instant Notes in Organic Chemistry , Second Edition, is the perfect text for undergraduates looking...

The Biomarker Guide: Volume 2, Biomarkers and Isotopes in Petroleum Systems and Earth History
Cambridge University Press (2007)

The second part of an all-inclusive two volume reference on biological markers in petroleum...

Systems Biology: Constraint-based Reconstruction and Analysis

Systems Biology

Constraint-based Reconstruction and Analysis

Cambridge University Press (2015)

The first comprehensive single-authored textbook on genome-scale models and the bottom-up approach...

Biochemistry Demystified
McGraw-Hill Education (2008)

Learn BIOCHEMISTRY without stressing out your brain CELLS Trying to understand the chemical...

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Pan Macmillan (2011)

The internationally bestselling story of a young woman whose death in 1951 changed medical science...

Biological Thermodynamics
Cambridge University Press (2001)

An accessible introduction to thermodynamics for undergraduate biology and biochemistry students.

Biological Physics of the Developing Embryo
Cambridge University Press (2005)

Advanced textbook that uses physics to analyze stages and components of the biological development...