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Manual del cazador
De Vecchi Ediciones (2016)

Perros de caza, técnicas y modalidades, armas y municiones, terrenos libres, cotos, reservas, con la...

Hunting Pressured Turkeys
Stackpole Books (2006)

Effective tactics for scouting, setting up, shooting, and calling pressured turkeys. Strategies for...

Hunter's Guide to Long-Range Shooting
Stackpole Books (2006)

Determine your maximum effective range under a variety of conditions. Tips on range estimation,...

Guide to Pheasant Hunting
Stackpole Books (2006)

Tactics for hunting solo, group hunts, scouting, and safety. Choosing the right breed of gun dog to...

Still-Hunting Trophy Whitetails: with Bow, Rifle, Shotgun, and Muzzleloader

Still-Hunting Trophy Whitetails

with Bow, Rifle, Shotgun, and Muzzleloader

Stackpole Books (2007)

Introduces hunters to the lost art of stalking trophy bucks and provides proven strategies for...

Radical Bear Hunter
Stackpole Books (2007)

Radical strategies for hunting the elusive and challenging black bear. Detailed guide to bear...

21 Days in Africa: A Hunter's Safari Journal

21 Days in Africa

A Hunter's Safari Journal

Stackpole Books (2008)

A real-life adventure story of hunting wild game in Africa. Suggestions for planning your own...

Deer Hunting: 100 Things to Know

Deer Hunting

100 Things to Know

Stackpole Books (2007)

Concise introduction to a favorite sport. Fascinating "did you know?" facts. Compulsively readable...

Hunters Guide to Shotguns for Upland Game
Stackpole Books (2007)

Recommendations for purchasing the ultimate all-around shotgun. The best shot to use for quail,...

Fall & Winter Turkey Hunter's Handbook
Stackpole Books (2007)

Scouting specifics for the 40+ states that offer fall and winter turkey hunting seasons Tactics...