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A Social History of Dying
Cambridge University Press (2007)

A Social History of Dying, first published in 2007, examines the major challenges we will face for...

Death, Grief and Poverty in Britain, 1870–1914
Cambridge University Press (2005)

A study of expression of grief among the working class in Victorian and Edwardian Britain.

Death in Ancient Rome: A Sourcebook
Taylor and Francis (2007)

Presenting a wide range of relevant, translated texts on death, burial and commemoration in the...

A Brief History of Death

The act of death itself and the rituals surrounding it vary enormously and shed a fascinating light...

Representations of Death: A Social Psychological Perspective

Representations of Death

A Social Psychological Perspective

Taylor and Francis (1999)

Drawing upon a rare and highly original ethnography of contemporary mortuary practices, ...

Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome
Taylor and Francis (1998)

The elaborate and inventive slaughter of humans and animals in the arena fed an insatiable desire...

Death, Gender and Ethnicity
Taylor and Francis (1997)

Death, Gender and Ethnicity examines the ways in which gender and ethnicity shape the experiences...

The Revival of Death
Taylor and Francis (1994)

Talking about death is now fashionable, but how should we talk? Who should we listen to - priests,...

Encyclopedia of Death and Dying
Taylor and Francis (2003)

In recent years there has been a massive upsurge in academic, professional and lay interest in...

Foundations of Violence
Taylor and Francis (2004)

The pursuit of death and the love of death has characterized Western culture from Homeric times...