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Hydrogeology of an Arid Region: The Arabian Gulf and Adjoining Areas
Elsevier Science (2001)

This book provides comprehensive information about the water resources of the Arabian Gulf region,...

Interfacial and Confined Water
Elsevier Science (2008)

Water in the proximity of a surface (interfacial water) is abundant on the earth. It is involved in...

Groundwater Discharge Tests: Simulation and Analysis
Elsevier Science (1988)

This book describes microcomputer programs which can be used to simulate or analyse water production...

Hydrology of the Nile Basin
Elsevier Science (1985)

A wealth of hydrological, hydrometeorological, hydrometrical and other related data covering nearly...

Mathematical Analysis of Groundwater Resources
Elsevier Science (2016)

Mathematical Analysis of Groundwater Resources focuses on groundwater flow. The book first...

Applied Groundwater Modeling: Simulation of Flow and Advective Transport

Applied Groundwater Modeling (2nd ed.)

Simulation of Flow and Advective Transport

Elsevier Science (2015)

This second edition is extensively revised throughout with expanded discussion of modeling...

Submarine Groundwater
CRC Press (2006)

Sustainable management of water resources is quickly increasing in importance on a global scale. An...

Aquifer Test Modeling
CRC Press (2006)

In recognition of the trend toward using numerical methdos for analyzing aquifer test data, Aquifer...

Aquifer Systems Management: Darcy's Legacy in a World of Impending Water Shortage: Selected Papers on Hydrogeology 10
CRC Press (2007)

By 2050, the demand for water to sustain world agriculture will increase by seventy-five per cent in...

Groundwater Flow Understanding: From Local to Regional Scale
CRC Press (2008)

Any sustainable groundwater development programme requires knowledge of the prevailing flow system,...