The Complete Project Management Office Handbook (3rd ed.)

by CRC Press

This updated and completely revised edition of a bestseller extends the concepts and considerations of modern project management into the realm of project management oversight, control, and support. Illustrating the implications of project management in today's organizations, The Complete Project Management Office Handbook, Third Edition explains h

  • CRC Press; September 2013
  • ISBN: 9781466566330
  • Edition: 3
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  • Title: The Complete Project Management Office Handbook
  • Author: CRC Press (other)
  • Imprint: Auerbach Publications

About The Author

Gerard Hill is the Principal of Hill Methods, LLC, and has more than 25 years experience in project management practice design and implementation, information systems integration, and business process engineering. His specialty is enabling businesses to gain and sustain a competitive edge through development and implementation of total-practice project management solutions. He has conceived and constructed processes and practices that have enabled Fortune 100 and other client organizations to realize maximum benefit from their investment in project management.

Prior to introducing Hill Methods (formerly Hill Consulting Group), Mr. Hill was with ESI International, where he served as Vice President of Technical Services. His work included responsibility for international consulting programs, technical product design and development, and knowledge management. He also served as an instructor and frequent public forums speaker during his tenure with ESI.

Mr. Hill, as an internationally recognized thought leader, has led or contributed to the design and development of project management methodologies currently deployed by organizations around the world. He is the architect of capability and maturity assessments for business and project management. He also has particular expertise in designing and developing practical Project Management Office (PMO) solutions.

His recent work includes development of the new matrix-based ProjectPRISM Project Management Methodology, and this has been introduced in his new project management methodology publication. He has refined an approach to "PMO design and implementation" in a workshop based on the content of his PMO handbook publication. In recent years, Mr. Hill has chaired two annual and national scope Project Portfolio Management conferences in the United States. In 2008 he was an invited keynote speaker and presenter at two professional conferences in Milan, Italy; in