Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum

by D.A. Varshalovich

This is the most complete handbook on the quantum theory of angular momentum. Containing basic definitions and theorems as well as relations, tables of formula and numerical tables which are essential for applications to many physical problems, the book is useful for specialists in nuclear and particle physics, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, plasma physics, collision and reaction theory, quantum chemistry, etc. The authors take pains to write many formulae in different coordinate systems thus providing users with added ease in consulting this book. Each chapter opens with a comprehensive list of its contents to ease the search for any information needed later. New results relating to different aspects of the angular momentum thoery are also included. Containing close to 500 pages this book also gathers together many useful formulae besides those related to angular momentum. The book also compares different notations used by previous authors.
  • World Scientific Publishing Company; October 1988
  • ISBN: 9789814578288
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  • Title: Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum
  • Author: D.A. Varshalovich (ed.)
  • Imprint: WSPC