Cultura y cine: Hispanoamérica hoy

by Mary McVey Gill,

Cultura y cine: Hispanoamérica hoy, a Spanish-language textbook designed for students at the intermediate/advanced level, explores contemporary Hispanic America through Spanish-language feature films and authentic cultural texts. Topics covered include politics, education, diversity of people and geography, immigration, religion, indigenous traditions, economic issues (both advantages and challenges), music, art, and family life. Each of the eight chapters focuses on a central theme and a high-interest film and includes interviews providing current perspectives on the topic, one or more articles from periodicals, a literary selection, cultural notes, and a variety of activities including many that will appeal to today’s digital-age students. Five Vistazo panorámico sections provide a visual introduction to course fundamentals.

  • Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.; April 2012
  • ISBN: 9781585105106
  • Edition: 1
  • Read online, or download in secure PDF format
  • Title: Cultura y cine: Hispanoamérica hoy
  • Author: Mary McVey Gill; Teresa Méndez-Faith
  • Imprint: Focus

In The Press

"Cultura y cine: Hispanoamérica hoy lives up to its title and then some, with eight noteworthy feature films opening the door to a wide cross-section of cultural topics. These range from music and literature to political and social issues, and span a variety of countries, some of which receive less attention in other textbooks. Moreover, Cultura y cine meets the needs of today’s learners by providing ample opportunities for meaningful communication in the target language as well as effective use of new technologies. Authors Mary McVey Gill and Teresa Méndez-Faith are to be commended for this welcome addition to the field of intermediate and advanced Spanish language and culture."
—Laura Dennis, University of the Cumberlands

About The Author

Mary McVey Gill has authored and co-authored many widely adopted Spanish textbooks and language references, including Cinema for Spanish Conversation and ¡De pelicula! for Focus.

Teresa Méndez-Faith, essayist, literary critic, and author of numerous textbooks and literary anthologies in Spanish, teaches Spanish and Latin American literature at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire.