The Strategic Partnering Handbook (4th ed.)

The Practitioner's Guide to Partnerships and Alliances

by Tony Lendrum

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  • 9780074713266

With the global economy now a reality, the objectives of becoming internationally competitive and world class are imperatives for all successful businesses. Critical to this success and to the development of sustainable competitive advantage will be the quality of relationships developed between customers and suppliers both internal and external to the organisation. Organisations worldwide use The Strategic Partnering Handbook as a guide for creating successful partnerships and alliances, and to improve their customer and supplier relationships generally.

Tony Lendrum has established his reputation as a world class authority in partnering and alliance management, and this latest update continues his no-nonsense and practical approach. Building on the principles detailed in previus editions and in keeping with an ever changing business climate, this fourth edition presents fully revised case examples (including a brand new major case study), updated strategies and additional concepts. Through its practical framework it enables the reader to:

gain a clear understanding of strategic partnering and alliance relationships and the relevance for their organisation. understand the organisational culture, strategy, structure, practices, processes and people required to support these new customer/supplier relationships. learn how to effectively implement the 12 alliance partnering steps. gain knowledge, ideas and inspiration from up to the minute industry case studies and best practices. link relationship perfornance , measurement, evaluation and remuneration

This book is of great value to all partnering and alliance practitioners and an excellent toolkit for building robust and sustainable business relationships.

  • McGraw-Hill Australia; May 2004
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  • Edition: 4
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  • Title: The Strategic Partnering Handbook
  • Author: Tony Lendrum
  • Imprint: McGraw-Hill Australia
Subject categories
  • 9780074713266