Scaling up Business Solutions to Social Problems

A Practical Guide for Social and Corporate Entrepreneurs

by Olivier Kayser, Maria Valeria Budinich

A silent revolution is underway, initiated by social entrepreneurs, pragmatist visionaries who are challenging prevalent business motives and methods to invent market-based solutions to eradicate social injustice. Yet, many fail to succeed and reach real scale, and there are few books that question why or offer real practical solutions to this predicament.

Based on original research, the authors uncover why impressive solutions fail to scale up. This book is filled with international case studies of what can be done "within the system", and augmented by the argument that the traditional division between "for profit" business that creates economic wealth and the "not for profit" public and social sectors is breaking down. It examines the solutions that work in some critical areas such as access to energy, safe drinking water, housing and financial services, as well as what can be done to get these innovations out of the lab and into the plant.

  • Palgrave Macmillan; February 2015
  • ISBN: 9781137466549
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  • Title: Scaling up Business Solutions to Social Problems
  • Author: Olivier Kayser; Maria Valeria Budinich
  • Imprint: Palgrave Macmillan

In The Press

'Business must take the lead in reinventing capitalism and making it more inclusive. This book provides business leaders with a hard-nosed assessment of the opportunities and challenges of doing so.'
-Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey

'While l have had the privilege of working with Valeria and Olivier for over ten years, on concrete projects aimed at inventing new socially impacting business models, and hybrid value chain solutions, this book has broadened my understanding of the myriad of entrepreneurs who are working to change our planet.'
-Emmanuel Faber, CEO, Danone

'This book provides business executives with a wealth of concrete cases and deep insights into what it takes to build scalable inclusive business models.'
-Jean-Laurent Ingles, Global Senior Vice President, Household Care, Unilever

'The huge wall that has separated the business and social halves of the world's operations for several centuries is an especially rich opportunity and is the chief focus of this book. I doubt that there is anyone who can match Valeria and Olivier for depth of experience, insight, or clarity here.'
-Bill Drayton, CEO, Ashoka

'The emerging field of inclusive or BOP business has suffered from 'pilotitis'—the proliferation of small pilot business experiments with little prospect for expansion. Kayser and Budinich's book provides both the diagnosis and the treatment regime for taking BoP business to the next level. A long overdue resource for anyone interested in how to accelerate entrepreneurship for a more inclusive and sustainable world.'
-Stuart L. Hart, Professor of Sustainable Business, University of Vermont Business School; co-author of The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid

About The Author

Olivier Kayser is the founder and managing director of Hystra, a global consulting firm specializing in advising corporations, social entrepreneurs, foundations and the public sector in designing and implementing hybrid strategies. Olivier has been a Vice-President of Ashoka from 2003 to 2008, and is the founder of the Ashoka Support Network (a global network of business people supporting social entrepreneurs). He was a senior partner of McKinsey & Company where he spent 18 years based in Paris, Chicago, Hong Kong and Shanghai, advising some of the world's largest multinational corporations as well as state-owned and local enterprises. He is a board member of NGOs as well as of two multi-billion euro international corporations. Born in France, Olivier grew up in Spain, and studied at French business school HEC.

Valeria Budinich is a social entrepreneur and organizational strategist with 25 years of experience innovating at the intersection of business and society. As a Leadership Group Member at Ashoka, she founded the "Full Economic Citizenship", a global initiative that has enabled over 50 hybrid business models in housing, small farmer agriculture and other industries. In 2012, she received the Harvard/McKinsey M-Prize for management innovation for her pioneering work. Prior to Ashoka, Valeria advised international development organizations and coached local entrepreneurs engaged in innovation in Africa, Asia and Latin America. She serves in the Advisory Boards of the Lemelson Foundation and Leapfrog Investments. Born in Chile, Valeria grew up in Central America and the USA where she trained as an Industrial Engineer.