Teaching Mathematics Creatively (2nd ed.)

by Linda Pound, Trisha Lee

Series: Learning to Teach in the Primary School Series

This new and updated edition of Teaching Mathematics Creatively offers a range of strategies to enable trainee and practising teachers to take an innovative, playful and creative approach to maths teaching. It promotes creativity as a key element of practice and offers ideas to involve your students and develop knowledge, understanding and enjoyment.

Exploring fresh approaches, this text explains the role of play in bringing mathematics alive for children and teachers alike. It identifies the power of story-telling in supporting mathematical thinking, examines cross-curricular teaching, and allows you to plan for teaching creatively. Imaginative ideas, underpinned by the latest research and theory, include:

    • Learning maths outdoors - make more noise, make more mess or work on a larger scale
    • Everyday maths - making sense of the numbers, patterns, shapes and measures children see around them
    • Music and maths – the role of rhythm in learning, and music and pattern in maths
    • Giant maths - how much food do you include on a giant shopping list?

Stimulating and accessible, with contemporary and cutting-edge practice at the forefront, Teaching Mathematics Creatively includes a wealth of innovative ideas to enthuse teachers and enrich maths teaching. This book is an essential purchase for any professional who wishes to embed creative approaches to teaching in their classroom.




In The Press

'An inspiring book with an approach that really engages children with their learning, making excellent use of children's love for and response to story telling. The strengths of the authors - Linda Pound is an Early Years Education Consultant and Trisha Lee is Founder and Artistic Director of MakeBelieve Arts - have been brought together to bring us an excellent teaching resource.'- Sarah Brew, Parents in Touch

About The Author

Linda Pound has great educational experience and has published extensively in the fields of learning and creative maths. She is an Early Years Education Consultant and a regular contributor to Nursery World.

Trisha Lee is Founder and Artistic Director of MakeBelieve Arts, a social enterprise offering innovative, high quality theatre and education programmes to develop the creative potential of children aged 2-15, based in Deptford, London, UK.