Contemporary Issues In Gerontology

Promoting Positive Ageing

by Victor Minichiello, Irene Coulson

"Contemporary Issues in Gerontology provides the reader with a wideranging and balanced account of the issues confronting an ageing society . . . And as the authors remind us, we are all ageing and, inevitably then, we are all involved". — Dr Diane Gibson, Head, Welfare Division, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and Editor-in-Chief, Australasian Journal on Ageing.

The aged population of the developed world is dramatically and increasingly outnumbering the young. Older people are the most intensive users of health care and social services, and are becoming more powerful and visible consumers in general. Governments and aged care industries are struggling to provide a range of services that will be demanded and expected by our ageing citizens. Contemporary Issues in Gerontology helps students and practitioners to better understand and cater for the needs of our ageing population. It examines how services can be provided to meet the expectations and needs of a growing population of ageing citizens within a costeffective, social justice and positive ageing framework. It identifies how resources allocated to aged care can be distributed equitably to better meet the demands associated with housing, retirement, service provision and care, and how health promotion principles can contribute to a healthy older population.

Leading international experts investigate current critical debates in health and social science and explore innovative new approaches to aged care and ageing. By using international examples and a multidisciplinary approach, this comprehensive textbook provides a broad understanding of ageing from a social perspective and analyses concepts of ageism, healthy ageing and positive ageing.

This book is essential reading for students and practitioners of gerontology, medicine, nursing, allied health, health management, social work and public policy.

  • Allen & Unwin; February 2005
  • ISBN: 9781741156522
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  • Title: Contemporary Issues In Gerontology
  • Author: Victor Minichiello; Irene Coulson
  • Imprint: Allen & Unwin