The International Climate Change Regime

A Guide to Rules, Institutions and Procedures

by Farhana Yamin, Joanna Depledge

This book presents a comprehensive, authoritative and independent account of the rules, institutions and procedures governing the international climate change regime. Its detailed yet user-friendly description and analysis covers the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol, and all decisions taken by the Conference of the Parties up to 2003, including the landmark Marrakesh Accords. Mitigation commitments, adaptation, the flexibility mechanisms, reporting and review, compliance, education and public awareness, technology transfer, financial assistance and climate research are just some of the areas that are reviewed. The book also explains how the regime works, including a discussion of its political coalitions, institutional structure, negotiation process, administrative base, and linkages with other international regimes. In short, this book is the only current work that covers all areas of the climate change regime in such depth, yet in such a uniquely accessible and objective way.
  • Cambridge University Press; December 2004
  • ISBN: 9780511133176
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  • Title: The International Climate Change Regime
  • Author: Farhana Yamin; Joanna Depledge
  • Imprint: Cambridge University Press

In The Press

'Climate change is one of today's most serious global threats, requiring urgent action. This very timely guide on the many rules, institutions and procedures of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will definitely assist Governments, researchers, policy makers, civil society and the public to learn more about and to implement activities designed at addressing climate change. The authors are to be commended for their thorough and insightful job!' Late Joke Waller-Hunter, Executive Secretary (2002–2005), UNFCCC Secretariat