Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Word 2007


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This book will help you build solid skills to create the documents you need right now, and expert-level guidance for leveraging Word’s most advanced features whenever you need them. If you buy only one book on Word 2007, Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Word 2007 is the book you need.


• Come up to speed quickly with the new Word 2007 Ribbon interface

• Streamline document formatting with styles, templates, and themes

• Collaborate with others using comments and tracked changes

• Master mail merges, master documents, and other advanced features

• Manage large documents with indexes, TOCs, and automatically numbered references

• Use fields and forms to collect and manage information

• Illustrate key concepts with SmartArt diagrams

• Create and apply custom themes that control fonts, color schemes, and effects

• Manage academic research citations and generate bibliographies in any popular documentation format


On the Web

Includes complete instructions and a command reference you can use to customize the Ribbon with RibbonX, even if you have little or no previous XML experience. You can also download additional RibbonX examples and an easy-to-use RibbonCustomizer utility from this book’s companion web site, www.quepublishing.com/usingword2007.



        About the Authors  xxx

        Introduction  1


Part I  Working with Text Documents

Chapter 1     Introducing Word 2007  7

Chapter 2     Creating and Saving Documents  27

Chapter 3     Typing and Editing Text  59

Chapter 4     Using Spelling, Grammar, and Research Tools  95

Chapter 5     Printing and Faxing Documents  133


Part II Formatting a Document

Chapter 6     Applying Character Formatting  155

Chapter 7     Formatting Paragraphs and Lists  191

Chapter 8     Creating and Applying Styles and Themes  227

Chapter 9     Formatting Documents and Sections  263

Chapter 10   Using and Creating Project Templates  297

Chapter 11   Working with Nonstandard Document Layouts  319


Part III           Tables and Graphics

Chapter 12   Creating and Formatting Tables  353

Chapter 13   Working with Photos  395

Chapter 14   Working with Clip Art and the Clip Organizer  425

Chapter 15   Working with Drawings and WordArt  455

Chapter 16   Working with Charts  491

Chapter 17   Working with SmartArt and Math Formulas  533


Part IV            Collecting and Managing Data

Chapter 18   Performing Mail and Data Merges  563

Chapter 19   Copying, Linking, and Embedding Data  601

Chapter 20   Working with Fields  631

Chapter 21   Creating Forms  655


Part V Long Documents

Chapter 22   Outlining and Summarizing Documents  681

Chapter 23   Using Master Documents  703

Chapter 24   Citing Sources and References  719

Chapter 25   Creating Tables of Contents and Other Listings  747

Chapter 26   Building Effective Indexes  765


Part VI            Collaboration and Online Sharing

Chapter 27   Collaborating with Others  783

Chapter 28   Protecting and Securing Documents  805

Chapter 29   Online Collaboration with Office Live and SharePoint Team Services  823

Chapter 30   Working with Blogs and Email  847

Chapter 31   Developing Web Content  857

Chapter 32   Using Word to Develop XML Content  875


Part VII          Customizing and Extending Word

Chapter 33   Macros and Add-Ins  905

Chapter 34   Customizing the Word Interface  935

Chapter 35   Customizing Word 2007’s Ribbon with RibbonX  945


Part VIII         Appendixes

Appendix A   Recovering Files and Repairing Word  975

Appendix B   Converting from Other Word Processing Systems  985

Appendix C   Accessibility Tips and Techniques  991

Appendix D   Command Reference: Word 2003 to Word 2007  999

Appendix E   Setting Up and Modifying Office 2007  1017


        Index  1025



  • Pearson Education; December 2002
  • ISBN: 9780768667417
  • Edition: 1
  • Read online, or download in secure EPUB format
  • Title: Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Word 2007
  • Series: Special Edition Using
  • Author: Faithe Wempen
  • Imprint: Que Publishing
Subject categories
  • 0768667410
  • 9780789736086
  • 9780768667417
  • 9780132714655

About The Author

Faithe Wempen, M.A., is a Microsoft Office Master Instructor and an adjunct instructor of Computer Information Technology at Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis, specializing in Microsoft Office and PC hardware. She is the author of more than 90 books on PC hardware and software, and teaches online courses in Office applications for corporate clients including Hewlett-Packard, Gateway, and Sony. She also owns and operates Sycamore Knoll Bed and Breakfast (www.sycamoreknoll.com).


About the Contributing Authors

Nicholas Chase has been involved in Web site development for companies such as Lucent Technologies, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Nick has been a high-school physics teacher, a low-level radioactive waste facility manager, an online science fiction magazine editor, a multimedia engineer, an Oracle instructor, and the Chief Technology Officer of an interactive communications company. He is the author of several books, including XML Primer Plus (Sams), and is currently a partner in the Backstop Media technical content production firm (http://www.backstopmedia.com).

Kathy Jacobs, Microsoft MVP in PowerPoint and OneNote, has been using Office since its earliest days. She started out using Word for newsletters, letters, books, and other documents in the late 1980s. She added PowerPoint and Excel to her areas of expertise in the early 1990s. She has been an active beta tester for Office since the 2002 release, and has been working with Office 2007 for many months. Kathy specializes in helping people from all backgrounds and all walks of life learn to use Office to make their lives easier. As a PowerPoint and OneNote consultant, trainer, and writer, she has written on Office topics for her own site (www.OnPPT.com), Office On-Line, LockerGnome, IndeZine, and the PowerPoint FAQ. She presents regularly on a variety of subjects at the Phoenix PC User Group, where she is currently vice president. She has been actively involved in PPT Live (the PowerPoint conference for users) since its inception. She has written a PowerPoint book, Kathy Jacobs on PowerPoint, and co-written a OneNote book, Unleash the Power of OneNote. She is the creator of Keystone learning’s OneNote 2003 training DVD. Right now, she specializes in helping people solve their Office emergencies through her service, Call Kathy Solutions.

Karen McCall is a respected author and speaker with extensive expertise in software accessibility and usability. She trains software and web design professionals around the world on techniques to improve the digital experience for people with disabilities. Her current book, Logical Document Structure Handbook: Word 2003, is the first in a series focusing on designing and generating accessible and usable word processed documents. She currently lives in Canada, sharing adventures with Barnaby Edmund and Olivia Zane.

Joyce J. Nielsen is the author or coauthor of more than 35 computer books and has edited several hundred more. She has worked in the publishing industry for 17 years as an author, development editor, technical editor, and project manager. Joyce also worked as a research analyst for a shopping mall developer, where she developed and documented computer applications used nationwide. She graduated with a B.S. degree in Quantitative Business Analysis from Indiana University and now resides in Arizona.

Patrick Schmid has been a OneNote MVP since 2006 and can be found constantly in many Microsoft Office community newsgroups. During the Office 2007 beta, he became an expert in RibbonX. His website and blog at http://pschmid.net are a premier resource for customizing the Office 2007 Ribbon. Patrick is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


Subject categories
  • 0768667410
  • 9780789736086
  • 9780768667417
  • 9780132714655