3D Radiative Transfer in Cloudy Atmospheres

by Alexander Marshak, Anthony Davis

Series: Physics of Earth and Space Environments

Developments in three-dimensional cloud radiation over the past few decades are assessed and distilled into this contributed volume. Chapters are authored by subject-matter experts who address a broad audience of graduate students, researchers, and anyone interested in cloud-radiation processes in the solar and infrared spectral regions. After two introductory chapters and a section on the fundamental physics and computational techniques, the volume extensively treats two main application areas: the impact of clouds on the Earth's radiation budget, which is an essential aspect of climate modeling; and remote observation of clouds, especially with the advanced sensors on current and future satellite missions.

In The Press

"The book is a tour de force, a thorough description of the pioneering work on 3D radiative transfer for the past couple of decades. Much of this work was undertaken by the sixteen authors and two editors." Jim Coackley, AMS Bulletin, 2007