Psychotherapy in Everyday Life

by Ole Dreier

Series: Learning in Doing: Social, Cognitive and Computational Perspectives

In this book, Dreier shows how clients make therapy work in their everyday lives. Therapy cannot fulfill its purpose until the clients can make it work outside the therapy room in relation to the concerns, people, and places of their everyday lives. Research on therapy has largely ignored these efforts. Based on session transcripts and interviews with a family of four about their everyday lives, Dreier shows the extensive and varied work the clients do to make their therapy work across places. Processes of change and learning are seen in a new perspective and it is shown that expert practices depend on how persons conduct their everyday lives. To grasp this, Dreier developed a theory of persons that is based on how they conduct their lives in social practice. This theory is grounded in critical psychology and social practice theory and is also relevant for understanding other expert practices such as education.

In The Press

'… the book is provocative. The important thing is what it provokes, which is consideration of what therapy means to clients when they're back home. Dreier's work is recommended for anyone interested in addressing this important question.' Theory and Psychology