Exile, Migration, and Diaspora Reconsidered

by Marcus Bullock, Peter Y. Paik

Series: New Directions in International Studies

Aftermaths is a collection of essays offering compelling new ideas on exile, migration, and diaspora that have emerged in the global age. The ten contributors—well-established scholars and promising new voices—work in different disciplines and draw from diverse backgrounds as they present rich case studies from around the world. In seeking fresh perspectives on the movement of people and ideas, the essays included here look to the power of the aesthetic experience, especially in literature and film, to unsettle existing theoretical paradigms and enable the rethinking of conventionalized approaches.

Marcus Bullock and Peter Y. Paik, in bringing this collection together, show we have reached a moment in history when it is imperative to question prevailing intellectual models. The interconnectedness of the world's economies, the contributors argue, can exacerbate existing antagonisms or create new ones. With essays by Ihab Hassan, Paul Brodwin, and Helen Fehervary, among others, Aftermaths engages not only with important academic topics but also with the leading political issues of the day.

About The Author

Marcus Bullock is a professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. He is the author of Romanticism and Marxism and The Violent Eye, and coeditor of Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings vol. I: 1913–1926.

Peter Y. Paik is an assistant professor in the department of French, Italian, and comparative literature at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.