Internal Investigations

A Basic Guide Anyone Can Use


The book provides a simple but effective method for carrying out reliable and defensible internal investigations. This easy-to-use guide offers anyone asked to conduct such an investigation a working set of standards, set out in a BASIC approach that follows five main steps: Beginning the Investigation, Assessing the Issues, Substantiating the Claims, Investigating the Implications, and Communicating the results. Using the BASIC approach, all senior employees and associates will be able to to develop an important new skills-set that will help them conduct a credible internal investigation, as and when required.
  • Wiley; January 2009
  • ISBN: 9780470743102
  • Edition: 1
  • Read online, or download in secure PDF format
  • Title: Internal Investigations
  • Author: K. H. Spencer Pickett
  • Imprint: Wiley

About The Author

KH Spencer Pickett is the author of 12 books published by John Wiley and Sons (Inc and UK), and a lecturer in internal auditing, risk management and investigations. He is a member of ACCA Corporate Governance and Risk Management Committee and of ACCA Internal Audit Members Network, and an executive committee member of the UK’s Control Risk Self Assessment Forum.