Telling Tales About Dementia

Experiences of Caring

by Brian Baylis, Lucy Whitman, Rosemary Clarke, Pat Brown, Marilyn Duncan, Gail Chester, Peggy Fray, U Hla Htay, Tim Dartington, Jenny Davies, Rachael Dixey, Anna Young, Daphne Zackon, Jenny Thomas, Jim Swift, Helen Robinson, June Smith, Maria Smith, Pat Hill, Andra Houchen, Louisa Houchen, Barbara Pointon, Shirley Nurock, Roger Newman, Ian McQueen, Maria Jastrzebska, Steve Jeffery, Diana Lewin, Sania Malik, Geraldine McCarthy

How does it feel when someone you love develops dementia? How do you cope with the shock, the stress and the grief? Can you be sure that you and your family will receive the support you need?

In Telling Tales About Dementia, thirty carers from different backgrounds and in different circumstances share their experiences of caring for a parent, partner or friend with dementia. They speak from the heart about love and loss: 'I still find it hard to believe that Alzheimer's has happened to us,' writes one contributor, 'as if we were sent the wrong script.' The stories told here vividly reflect the tragedy of dementia, the gravity of loss, and instances of unsatisfactory diagnosis, treatment and care. But they contain hope and optimism too: clear indications that the quality of people's lives can be enhanced by sensitive support services, by improved understanding of the impact of dementia, by recognising the importance of valuing us all as human beings, and by embracing and sustaining the connections between us. 

This unique collection of personal accounts will be an engaging read for anyone affected by dementia in a personal or professional context, including relatives of people with dementia, social workers, medical practitioners and care staff.

  • Jessica Kingsley Publishers; September 2009
  • ISBN: 9780857000170
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  • Title: Telling Tales About Dementia
  • Author: Brian Baylis (contrib.); Lucy Whitman; Rosemary Clarke (contrib.); Pat Brown (contrib.); Marilyn Duncan (contrib.); Gail Chester (contrib.); Peggy Fray (contrib.); U Hla Htay (contrib.); Tim Dartington (contrib.); Jenny Davies (contrib.); Rachael Dixey (contrib.); Anna Young (contrib.); Daphne Zackon (contrib.); Jenny Thomas (contrib.); Jim Swift (contrib.); Helen Robinson (contrib.); June Smith (contrib.); Maria Smith (contrib.); Pat Hill (contrib.); Andra Houchen (contrib.); Louisa Houchen (contrib.); Barbara Pointon (contrib.); Shirley Nurock (contrib.); Roger Newman (contrib.); Ian McQueen (contrib.); Maria Jastrzebska (contrib.); Steve Jeffery (contrib.); Diana Lewin (contrib.); Sania Malik (contrib.); Geraldine McCarthy (contrib.)
  • Imprint: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

In The Press

These personal accounts by family carers, harrowing, distressing, but also inspiring and uplifting, will have you weeping one moment and laughing the next, as they describe struggling to manage situations that range from horrific to comical. How do you cope alone with your loved one's slow loss of rational thought and behaviour? You cannot - and you need not. The single most valuable achievement of this book is to tell carers they are not alone. The more of us there are, the stronger we become, and the better we can fight for our loved ones in the face of this cruel disease.

About The Author

Lucy Whitman is a writer, editor and trainer, and a former teacher in further education. She cared for her mother who had dementia, and this inspired her first anthology, Telling Tales About Dementia: Experiences of Caring, a collection of personal accounts by people who have looked after someone with dementia. Her new anthology, People with Dementia Speak Out, a collection of personal accounts by people with a diagnosis of dementia, will be published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in 2015. Lucy has worked extensively with family carers, and writes regularly for the Journal of Dementia Care. She works as Community Engagement Officer for Healthwatch Enfield.