Radiation and Climate

by Ilias Vardavas, Frederic Taylor

Series: International Series of Monographs on Physics (No. 138)

Radiation theory and measurements are at the core of the climate change debate. This new book describes in detail the basic physics used in the radiative transfer codes that are a key part of climate prediction models. The basic principles are extended to the atmospheres of the Earth and the other planets, illustrating the greenhouse effect and other radiation-based phenomena at work. Several chapters deal with the techniques and measurements for monitoring theEarth's radiation budget and thus tracking global change and its effects. Remote sensing instruments on satellites and the theory of remote sensing are also covered. The book is the first comprehensive new publication on atmospheric radiation in more than a decade, and the first to link thetheoretical and experimental aspects of the subject to the contemporary climate problem.

In The Press

A comprehensive reference, clear and concise [...] The book supplements good descriptions of physical concepts with equations, providing the hands-on reader with the tools for utilizing these concepts in their own research.