The Art of Adaptation

Turning Fact And Fiction Into Film


Adaptations have long been a mainstay of Hollywood and the television networks. Indeed, most Academy Award- and Emmy Award-winning films have been adaptations of novels, plays, or true-life stories. Linda Seger, author of two acclaimed books on scriptwriting, now offers a comprehensive handbook for screenwriters, producers, and directors who want to successfully transform fictional or factual material into film. Seger tells how to analyze source material to understand why some of it resists adaptation. She then gives practical methods for translating story, characters, themes, and style into film. A final section details essential information on how to adapt material and how to protect oneself legally.

  • Henry Holt and Co.; April 2011
  • ISBN: 9781429936682
  • Read online, or download in secure ePub format
  • Title: The Art of Adaptation
  • Author: Linda Seger
  • Imprint: Holt Paperbacks

In The Press

“Should be required reading...clear, thorough, and extremely helpful. I highly recommend it.” —Richard Zanuck, producer of Driving Miss Daisy

“Once you have a piece of source material, adapting it for film seems simple. It isn't--as we have all learned. But it will be easier in the future, thanks to Linda Seger's comprehensive and artful book.” —Stan Margulies, producer of Roots and Separate but Equal

About The Author

Linda Seger has been a script consultant since 1981, working with writers, directors, producers, and companies throughout the world, including Tony Bill, William Kelley, TriStar Pictures, and the New Zealand Film Commission. She has given seminars for ABC and CBS television networks, Embassy Television, the "MacGyver" series, and for producers and writers in Rome, London, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Dr. Seger is the author of Making a Good Script Great and Creating Unforgettable Characters.