The Optical Communications Reference

by Casimer DeCusatis, Ivan Kaminow

Extracting key information from Academic Press’s range of prestigious titles in optical communications, this reference gives the R&D optical fiber communications engineer a quick and easy-to-grasp understanding of the current state of the art in optical communications technology, together with some of the underlying theory, covering a broad of topics: optical waveguides, optical fibers, optical transmitters and receivers, fiber optic data communication, optical networks, and optical theory. With this reference, the engineer will be up-to-speed on the latest developments in no-time.

  • Provides an overview of current state-of-the-art in optical communications technology, enabling the reader to get up to speed with the latest technological developments and establish their value for product development
  • Brings together material from a number of authoritative sources, giving both breadth and depth of content and providing a single source of key knowledge and information which saves time in seeking information from scattered sources
  • Explores latest technologies and their implementation, allowing the engineer to compare and contrast approaches and solutions
  • Provides just enough introductory material for readers to grasp the underpinning physics, giving the engineer an accessible introduction to the underlying theory for a proper understanding

    • Elsevier Science; November 2009
    • ISBN: 9780123751645
    • Read online, or download in secure PDF or secure ePub format
    • Title: The Optical Communications Reference
    • Author: Casimer DeCusatis (ed.); Ivan Kaminow (ed.)
    • Imprint: Academic Press