Metaphors of Anger, Pride and Love

A lexical approach to the structure of concepts

by Zoltán Kövecses

Series: Pragmatics & Beyond (VII:8)

This study is an attempt to uncover the structure of three emotion concepts: anger, pride and love. The results indicate that the conceptual structure associated with these emotions consists of four parts: (1) a system of metaphors, (2) a system of metonymies, (3) a system of related concepts, and (4) a category of cognitive models, with a prototypical model in the center. This goes against an influential view of the structure of concepts in linguistics, psychology, anthropology, according to which the structure of a concept can be represented by a small number of sense components.

  • John Benjamins Publishing Company; January 1986
  • ISBN: 9789027279279
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  • Title: Metaphors of Anger, Pride and Love
  • Series: Pragmatics & Beyond (VII:8)
  • Author: Zoltán Kövecses
  • Imprint: John Benjamins Publishing Company