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Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Levitation: Engineering sustainability through efficiency

Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Levitation

Engineering sustainability through efficiency

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (2012)

This book aims to make aspiring and existing electrical engineers aware of the efficiency...

Electromagnetic Foundations of Solar Radiation Collection: A Technology for Sustainability
Springer International Publishing (2014)

This text seeks to illuminate, mainly for the electrical power engineers of the future, the topic of...

Compact Slot Array Antennas for Wireless Communications
Springer International Publishing (2018)

This book describes and provides design guidelines for antennas that achieve compactness by using...

Warming to Ecocide: A Thermodynamic Diagnosis

Warming to Ecocide

A Thermodynamic Diagnosis

Springer London (2011)

Despite scientific evidence that business-as-usual is unsustainable, there is a huge and widespread...