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Communication and Sport: Surveying the Field

Communication and Sport (3rd ed.)

Surveying the Field

SAGE Publications (2017)

Communication and Sport: Surveying the Field, Third Edition  examines a wide array of topics...

Defining Sport: Conceptions and Borderlines

Defining Sport

Conceptions and Borderlines

Shawn E. Klein, Shawn E. Klein and 18 more...
Lexington Books (2016)

This book examines influential conceptions of sport and then analyses the interplay of challenging...

Examining Identity in Sports Media
SAGE Publications (2009)

Cutting edge and interdisciplinary investigation of how various identity groups are framed, treated,...

Olympic Media: Inside the Biggest Show on Television

Olympic Media

Inside the Biggest Show on Television

Taylor and Francis (2008)

Located in the United States, NBC (National Broadcasting Company) is the biggest and most powerful...

Sports Media: Transformation, Integration, Consumption

Sports Media

Transformation, Integration, Consumption

Taylor and Francis (2011)

Looking toward a future with increasingly hybridized media offerings, Sports Media: Transformation,...

The Fantasy Sport Industry: Games within Games
Taylor and Francis (2013)

Fantasy sport has become big business. Recent estimates suggest that there as many as 33 million...

Routledge Handbook of Sport and New Media
Taylor and Francis (2014)

New media technologies have become a central part of the sports media landscape. Sports fans use new...

Defining Sport Communication
Taylor and Francis (2016)

Defining Sport Communication is a comprehensive resource addressing core topics and issues,...

Sport, Media and Mega-Events
Taylor and Francis (2017)

Bringing together many of the most influential scholars in sport and media studies, this book...

Olympic Television: Broadcasting the Biggest Show on Earth

Olympic Television

Broadcasting the Biggest Show on Earth

Taylor and Francis (2017)

As the Olympic spectacle grows, broadcast coverage becomes bigger, more complex, and more...