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The Cult of Saint Katherine of Alexandria in Late-Medieval Nuremberg: Saint and the City
Taylor and Francis (2016)

Katherine of Alexandria was a major object of devotion within medieval Europe, ranking second only...

Monsters, Mutants & Missing Links: The Real Science Behind the X-Files

Monsters, Mutants & Missing Links

The Real Science Behind the X-Files

Ebury Publishing (2011)

Anne Simon is a world-renowned biologist and expert on plant viruses. She has also been scientific...

A Research Agenda for Social Entrepreneurship
Edward Elgar Publishing (2019)

In the last two decades social entrepreneurship has grown in energy and impact as entrepreneurial...

The International Politics of Ebola
Taylor and Francis (2018)

The outbreak of Ebola virus disease that gripped Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone through much of...

Completion, Čech and Local Homology and Cohomology: Interactions Between Them
Springer International Publishing (2018)

The aim of the present monograph is a thorough study of the adic-completion, its left derived...

Resigners? The Experience of Black and Asian Police Officers
Palgrave Macmillan UK (2016)

Based on interviews with black, Asian and white resigners from the police, this book analyses the...

Language in Epistemic Access: Mobilising multilingualism and literacy development

Language in Epistemic Access

Mobilising multilingualism and literacy development

Taylor and Francis (2018)

This book focuses on how to address persistent linguistically structured inequalities in education,...

Interleukin-10 in Health and Disease
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2014)

This volume provides a set of reviews dedicated to the biology of Interleukin (IL)-10. It includes...

The Semantic Field of Modal Certainty: A Corpus-Based Study of English Adverbs
De Gruyter (2008)

The future of English linguistics as envisaged by the editors of Topics in English Linguistics ...

Pragmatic Markers in Contrast
BRILL (2006)

Presents an examination of the methods and theories for studying pragmatic markers...