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The Art of Mathematics: Coffee Time in Memphis

The Art of Mathematics

Coffee Time in Memphis

Cambridge University Press (2006)

A collection of mathematical problems chosen to illustrate the mathematician's art.

Random Graphs
Cambridge University Press (2001)

This is a revised and updated version of the classic first edition.

Linear Analysis: An Introductory Course

Linear Analysis (2nd ed.)

An Introductory Course

Cambridge University Press (1999)

Revised and updated introduction to functional analysis.

Combinatorics, Geometry and Probability: A Tribute to Paul Erdös
Cambridge University Press (1997)

A panorama of combinatorics by the world's experts.

Handbook of Large-Scale Random Networks
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2010)

Based on material from the 2006 NSF workshop on Large-scale Random Graphs, this book describes...

Graph Theory: An Introductory Course

Graph Theory

An Introductory Course

Springer New York (2012)

From the reviews: "Béla Bollobás introductory course on graph theory deserves to be considered as a...

Modern Graph Theory
Springer New York (2013)

The time has now come when graph theory should be part of the education of every serious student of...

Extremal Graph Theory
Dover Publications (2013)

Concise yet comprehensive, this treatment of extremal graph theory is appropriate for undergraduate...