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The Sustainability Curriculum: The Challenge for Higher Education

The Sustainability Curriculum

The Challenge for Higher Education

Taylor and Francis (2013)

The links between education and sustainable development are deepening, although subject to much...

The Best Years of Their Lives?: Pupil's Experiences of School

The Best Years of Their Lives?

Pupil's Experiences of School

Taylor and Francis (2002)

Based on structured research and interviews with pupils in years 10 and 11 (15 ^DDS 16 years old)...

The Causes of Exclusion: Home, School and the Development of Young Criminals

The Causes of Exclusion

Home, School and the Development of Young Criminals

Taylor and Francis (1999)

This report synthesizes two approaches to a topical problem: the concern with social deviancy and...

How Children Learn to Read and How to Help Them
Taylor and Francis (2013)

This is an introductory guide to the theoretical and practical aspects of the development of reading...

An Inspector Calls: Ofsted and Its Effect on School Standards

An Inspector Calls

Ofsted and Its Effect on School Standards

Taylor and Francis (2013)

The UK government's education policy is based on the setting of targets, yet the fear and loathing...

The Art of Teaching: Experiences of Schools

The Art of Teaching

Experiences of Schools

Taylor and Francis (2013)

A central dilemma for teachers is finding ways to deal with the multiple perspectives and demands of...

Mentoring in Education: An International Perspective

Mentoring in Education

An International Perspective

Taylor and Francis (2016)

Mentoring has become a hot topic in a number of professional spheres in recent years, but its most...

Computers, Schools and Students: The Effects of Technology
Taylor and Francis (2016)

How have schools been affected by the introduction of computer technology, and has it changed the...

Professional Development and Institutional Needs
Taylor and Francis (2017)

The tension between institutional needs and those of the individual has rarely been higher. ...

Globalisation, Education and Culture Shock
Taylor and Francis (2017)

How has globalisation affected educational thought and practice? This volume presents a fascinating...