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Routledge Revivals: Defence Industries (1988): A Global Perspective
Taylor and Francis (2018)

Originally published in 1989 Defence Industries presents a worldwide survey of defence industries....

Routledge Revivals: The World Electronics Industry (1990)
Taylor and Francis (2018)

First published in 1990, this book provides an overview of the global distribution of the...

Routledge Revivals: Industrial Dislocation (1991): The Case of Global Shipbuilding
Taylor and Francis (2018)

First published in 1991, this book offers a thorough examination of the decline of heavy industry in...

Quantum Error Correction
Cambridge University Press (2013)

Focusing on methods for quantum error correction, this book is invaluable for graduate students and...

Navies and Shipbuilding Industries: The Strained Symbiosis
ABC-CLIO (1996)

The central theme running through this book is the mutual dependence of navies and shipbuilding...

The World Aircraft Industry
Taylor and Francis (2019)

Aircraft building is a major industry for many developed countries. This book, first published in...

Brown-, Green- and Blue-Water Fleets: The Influence of Geography on Naval Warfare, 1861 to the Present: The Influence of Geography on Naval Warfare, 1861 to the Present
ABC-CLIO (2001)

From riverine operations in the American Civil War and China in the 1860s to the major fleet...

The Infinite Desire for Growth
Princeton University Press (2018)

Why society’s expectation of economic growth is no longer realistic Economic growth--and the hope...

Hendee's Radiation Therapy Physics
Wiley (2016)

The publication of this fourth edition, more than ten years on from the publication of Radiation...

Handbook of Personality Development
Taylor and Francis (2014)

This handbook is the first volume to provide a comprehensive look at personality development. It...