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Statistical Analysis in Climate Research
Cambridge University Press (2002)

Self-contained, comprehensive book describing powerful tools in mathematical statistics that are...

Climate and Society: Climate as Resource, Climate as Risk

Climate and Society

Climate as Resource, Climate as Risk

World Scientific Publishing Company (2009)

Climate and Society presents from a transdisciplinary view, climate and its changes, impact and...

Klimabericht für die Metropolregion Hamburg
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2012)

Der Sachstandsbericht liefert einen Überblick über das wissenschaftlich gesicherte Wissen zu Klima,...

Models in Environmental Research
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2012)

In most natural sciences, modeling is a widespread method of gaining new knowledge about natural and...

Das Klimasystem und seine Modellierung: Eine Einführung
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2013)

Das Buch bietet eine Einführung in die moderne Klimatologie mit ihren Prognose- und...

Anthropogenic Climate Change
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2012)

GKSS SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH The National Research Laboratory GKSS (member of the Hermann...

Coastline Changes of the Baltic Sea from South to East: Past and Future Projection
Springer International Publishing (2017)

This book discusses sea-level and coastline changes. These topics are becoming increasingly...