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Brickwork for Apprentices
CRC Press (2006)

Brickwork for Apprentices has been the established reference on brickwork for generations of...

Brickwork Level 2
CRC Press (2012)

As part of their everyday work bricklayers must be able to interpret technical documents, understand...

U.S. Presidents and Foreign Policy: From 1789 to the Present
ABC-CLIO (2006)

This work is a unique single source for information on the foreign policy—wars, treaties,...

Uranium · Plutonium Transplutonic Elements

with contributions by numerous experts.

Companion to the History of Modern Science
Taylor and Francis (1989)

* A descriptive and analytical guide to the development of Western science from AD 1500, and to the...

Bioarchaeology of the American Southeast: Approaches to Bridging Health and Identity in the Past

Bioarchaeology of the American Southeast

Approaches to Bridging Health and Identity in the Past

University of Alabama Press (2018)

A timely update on the state of bioarchaeological research, offering contributions to the...

Music, Theology, and Justice
Lexington Books (2017)

Using a variety of methodological perspectives, this volume explores ethical and doctrinal...