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Ultrasound in Emergency Care
Wiley (2008)

A practical guide to the use of ultrasound and how to interpret the scans, aimed specifically at...

Theories of Democracy: A Reader
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2000)

Theories of Democracy builds on Robert Dahl's observation that there is no single theory of...

Emergency Point-of-Care Ultrasound
Wiley (2017)

Featuring contributions from internationally recognized experts in point-of-care sonography, ...

After the Factory: Reinventing America's Industrial Small Cities

After the Factory

Reinventing America's Industrial Small Cities

Lexington Books (2010)

After the Factory expores the challenges and opportunities facing the smaller industrial cities of...

An Elusive Unity: Urban Democracy and Machine Politics in Industrializing America

An Elusive Unity

Urban Democracy and Machine Politics in Industrializing America

Cornell University Press (2018)

Through novels, cartoons, memoirs, and journalistic accounts, James J. Connolly traces efforts to...

University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division (2016)

Print Culture Histories Beyond the Metropolis focuses attention to how the residents of smaller...

Materials Challenges: Inorganic Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Materials Challenges

Inorganic Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Vincent Barrioz, Hari Reehal and 14 more...
Royal Society of Chemistry (2014)

This book will provide an authoritative reference on the various aspects of materials science that...