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How to Write a Bestselling Self-Help Book: The 69 Fatal Mistakes You Should Avoid

How to Write a Bestselling Self-Help Book

The 69 Fatal Mistakes You Should Avoid

Renaissance E Books (2002)

The 'must have' book by the acknowledged expert for self-help/how-to business, recovery, sports,...

Motivation 101
Renaissance E Books (2002)

Here's everything you wanted to know about motivation – but didn't know where to ask: the basics of...

Anthem: The Classic Novel of Individualism


The Classic Novel of Individualism

Renaissance E Books (2004)

THE ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF AYN RAND'S PHILOSOPHY! In a world where all independence and...

The Eight (mental) Tools Of Highly Successful People
Renaissance E Books (2006)

How Winners Get To The Top! What sets successful, effective, productive, motivated, and high-income...

Involuntary Immortals: Bad Girl Erotica
Renaissance E Books (2004)

A Golden Age science fiction masterpiece from a Hugo Award nominee writer! Rog Phillips' The...

No Exit
Renaissance E Books (2008)

"No Exit" is the rarest of all Larry Niven stories. Reprinted only once in an obscure...

The Crime Circus Murder Case
Renaissance E Books (2002)

It's a plot worthy of John Grisham. A young woman turns down the advances of a corrupt, powerful...

Hearts of the West
Renaissance E Books (2001)

When the men and women who made the frontier meet - passions and bullets flame! Hearts of the West...

Jack London's Dog Stories Omnibus
Renaissance E Books (2004)

All Four Of London's Famed Dog Books In One eBook. Thrill to Call of the Wild, Jerry of the Islands,...

HORRORS!: Rarely-Reprinted Classic Terror Tales


Rarely-Reprinted Classic Terror Tales

Renaissance E Books (2003)

A 'MUST READ' HORROR ANTHOLOGY Horrors! unearths and restores to print classic tales of grim and...