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The Importance of Being Innocent: Why We Worry About Children
Cambridge University Press (2010)

Addresses the current debate in Australia and internationally regarding the sexualisation of...

Dead Letters to Nietzsche, or the Necromantic Art of Reading Philosophy
Ohio University Press (2010)

Dead Letters to Nietzsche examines how writing shapes subjectivity through the example of...

Young and Free: [Post]colonial Ontologies of Childhood, Memory and History in Australia

Young and Free

[Post]colonial Ontologies of Childhood, Memory and History in Australia

Rowman & Littlefield International (2016)

Engaging philosophy with history, literature, film and testimony, this book examines the critical...

Understanding Psychoanalysis
Taylor and Francis (2014)

"Understanding Psychoanalysis" presents a broad introduction to the key concepts and developments in...

Critical Childhood Studies and the Practice of Interdisciplinarity: Disciplining the Child
Lexington Books (2015)

This book analyzes figurations of childhood in contemporary culture and politics focusing on...