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Financial Crime Investigation and Control
Wiley (2002)

The indispensable guide to detecting and solving financial crime in the office Low-level...

Audit Planning: A Risk-Based Approach

Audit Planning

A Risk-Based Approach

More now than ever before, auditing is in the spotlight; legislators, regulators, and top executives...

Auditing for Managers: The Ultimate Risk Management Tool
Wiley (2005)

At a time when many organizations are cutting their internal auditing departments, it's imperative...

Internal Investigations: A Basic Guide Anyone Can Use

Internal Investigations

A Basic Guide Anyone Can Use

Wiley (2009)

The book provides a simple but effective method for carrying out reliable and defensible internal...

The Internal Auditing Handbook
Wiley (2010)

The first edition of The Internal Auditing Handbook received wide acclaim from readers and became...

The Essential Guide to Internal Auditing
Wiley (2011)

The Second Edition of The Essential Guide to Internal Auditing is a condensed version of the ...

Fraud Smart
Wiley (2012)

A professional guide to developing training for fraud risk and detection This book provides a...

Corporate Fraud: A Manager's Journey
Wiley (2007)

An entertaining introduction to a serious issue It's not a secret that corporate fraud and...