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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave & Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
Random House Publishing Group (2011)

Introduction by Kwame Anthony Appiah Commentary by Jean Fagan Yellin and Margaret Fuller   ...

The Ethics of Identity
Princeton University Press (2010)

Race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexuality: in the past couple of decades, a great...

Multiculturalism: Expanded Paperback Edition


Expanded Paperback Edition

Charles Taylor, Amy Gutmann and 5 more...
Princeton University Press (1994)

A new edition of the highly acclaimed book Multiculturalism and "The Politics of Recognition," ...

Human Rights as Politics and Idolatry
Princeton University Press (2011)

Michael Ignatieff draws on his extensive experience as a writer and commentator on world affairs to...

Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers


Ethics in a World of Strangers

Penguin Books Ltd (2015)

This landmark work challenges the separatist doctrines which have come to dominate our understanding...

In My Father's House: Africa in the Philosophy of Culture

In My Father's House

Africa in the Philosophy of Culture

Oxford University Press (1993)

In this widely-acclaimed volume, Ghanian philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah explores, in his words,...

Dusk of Dawn (The Oxford W. E. B. Du Bois)
Oxford University Press (2014)

Dusk of Dawn is an explosive autobiography of the foremost African American scholar of his time. Du...

Color Conscious: The Political Morality of Race

Color Conscious

The Political Morality of Race

Princeton University Press (1998)

In America today, the problem of achieving racial justice--whether through "color-blind" policies or...

Buying Freedom: The Ethics and Economics of Slave Redemption

Buying Freedom

The Ethics and Economics of Slave Redemption

Princeton University Press (2018)

If "slavery" is defined broadly to include bonded child labor and forced prostitution, there are...

Immigration and Citizenship in the Twenty-First Century
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (1998)

In this important book, a distinguished group of historians, political scientists, and legal experts...