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The Visual Neurosciences

An essential reference book for visual science.

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Mind: A Tribute to Michael S. Gazzaniga

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Mind

A Tribute to Michael S. Gazzaniga

The MIT Press (2010)

Leaders in the cognitive neurosciences address a variety of topics in the field and reflect on...

Cerebral Plasticity: New Perspectives

Cerebral Plasticity

New Perspectives

The MIT Press (2011)

A survey of the latest research, covering such topics as plasticity in the adult brain and the...

Eye, Retina, and Visual System of the Mouse
The MIT Press (2008)

A comprehensive guide to current research, reflecting recent technical breakthroughs that have...

The New Visual Neurosciences
The MIT Press (2013)

A comprehensive review of contemporary research in the vision sciences, reflecting the rapid...

The Cognitive Neurosciences
The MIT Press (2009)

The fourth edition of the work that defines the field of cognitive neuroscience, offering completely...