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Why?: Explaining the Holocaust
W. W. Norton & Company (2017)

A bold new exploration that answers the most commonly asked questions about the Holocaust. Despite...

How Was It Possible?: A Holocaust Reader

How Was It Possible?

A Holocaust Reader

UNP - Nebraska (2015)

As the Holocaust passes out of living memory, future generations will no longer come face-to-face...

From Cooperation to Complicity: Degussa in the Third Reich

From Cooperation to Complicity

Degussa in the Third Reich

Cambridge University Press (2004)

A case study of the involvement of a major, now multinational, corporation in the rise and expansion...

Austrian Banks in the Period of National Socialism
Cambridge University Press (2015)

This book gives a detailed account of how two major Austrian banks profited from their service to...

Endoscopy in Liver Disease
Wiley (2017)

Liver disease is an increasingly common cause of mortality, and its management is often complex and...

The Global Greenhouse Regime: Who Pays?
Taylor and Francis (2013)

Effective policies to prevent global warming and climatic change are urgently required by the world...

Adoption in Japan: Comparing Policies for Children in Need

Adoption in Japan

Comparing Policies for Children in Need

Taylor and Francis (2006)

The first book-length study of adoption in Japan, this impressive work tackles the innovative and...

Peace and Security in Northeast Asia: Nuclear Issue and the Korean Peninsula: Nuclear Issue and the Korean Peninsula
Taylor and Francis (2016)

This work provides an analysis of North Korea's nuclear controversy from a variety of perspectives,...

A Student's Dictionary of Psychology and Neuroscience
Taylor and Francis (2017)

This is the essential reference work for any student studying psychology for the first time. Packed...

Space Power Interests
Taylor and Francis (2019)

In this unique volume, an international cast of leading scholars from several disciplines offers a...