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Unions and Globalisation: Governments, Management, and the State at Work

Unions and Globalisation

Governments, Management, and the State at Work

In recent decades, trade unions have suffered major reversals and experienced declining memberships....

The Role of Informal Economies in the Post-Soviet World: The End of Transition?
Taylor and Francis (2013)

Based on extensive ethnographic and quantitative research, conducted in Ukraine and Russia between...

Gentrification of the City
Taylor and Francis (2013)

This book was first published in 1986.

Metropolitan Planning in Britain: A Comparative Study

Metropolitan Planning in Britain

A Comparative Study

Peter Roberts, Kevin Thomas and 1 more...
Taylor and Francis (2014)

Metropolitan Planning in Britain is the first comparative analysis and assessment of metropolitan...

Class and Space (RLE Social Theory): The Making of Urban Society
Taylor and Francis (2014)

This book is abut the place of space in the study of class formation. It consists of a set of papers...

Strategic HR: Building the Capability to Deliver

Strategic HR

Building the Capability to Deliver

Taylor and Francis (2016)

HR has sought to reposition itself as a strategic contributor to organizations. To facilitate this,...

Global HR: Challenges Facing the Function

Global HR

Challenges Facing the Function

Taylor and Francis (2016)

The HR function is having to adjust itself to the implications of the globalisation of business...

Digital Health Information for the Consumer: Evidence and Policy Implications

Digital Health Information for the Consumer

Evidence and Policy Implications

Taylor and Francis (2016)

This unique book draws on research that constituted the first major nationwide evaluation of the use...

Employment Relations under Coalition Government: The UK Experience, 2010-2015
Taylor and Francis (2016)

Drawing on a wide range of up-to-date research, Employment Relations under Coalition Government ...

How To Get Best Value From HR: The Shared Services Option
Taylor and Francis (2017)

An efficient and cost-effective HR function is essential to the successful running of any...