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John Betjeman and Cornwall: "The Celebrated Cornish Nationalist"

John Betjeman and Cornwall

"The Celebrated Cornish Nationalist"

University of Exeter Press (2015)

Quintessentially English, Betjeman was an 'outsider' in England - and doubly so in Cornwall where he...

A.L. Rowse And Cornwall: Paradoxical Patriot
University of Exeter Press (2015)

This gripping biographical study, published here for the first time in paperback, explores the...

Making Moonta: The Invention of 'Australia's Little Cornwall'

Making Moonta

The Invention of 'Australia's Little Cornwall'

University of Exeter Press (2015)

An investigation of the popular tradition of ‘Australia’s Little Cornwall’: how one town in South...

Cornwall: A History: Revised and updated edition

Cornwall: A History

Revised and updated edition

University of Exeter Press (2017)

A new edition of Philip Payton ’s modern classic Cornwall: A History , published now by University...

The Maritime History of Cornwall
University of Exeter Press (2015)

The first study of its kind. The book explores the rich, complex maritime inheritance of Cornwall on...