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The Learning Organization: Organizations 07.09
Wiley (2002)

Fast track route to understanding the opportunities and consequences of engaging in organization and...

Global Organizations: Organizations 07.02
Wiley (2002)

Fast track route to understanding the organizational, economic andmanagerial pressures and...

Stress Management: Life and Work 10.10

Stress Management

Life and Work 10.10

Wiley (2000)

Fast track route to mastering all aspects of stress management Covers all the key techniques for...

Managing Flexible Working: People 09.08
Wiley (2002)

Fast track route to the effective management of flexible workersand working arrangements Covers...

Business Studies For Dummies
Wiley (2013)

Your hands-on introduction to modern business and business education Whether you're deciding on a...

Mastering Employee Development
Palgrave Macmillan Ltd. (2002)

What is employee development, or what should it be? This book addresses this specific issue and is...

Organizational Behaviour: Performance Management in Practice

Organizational Behaviour

Performance Management in Practice

Taylor and Francis (2013)

This book offers a fresh and comprehensive approach to the essentials that constitute the discipline...

Introduction to Management
Macmillan Education UK (1994)

This text provides a complete and comprehensive introduction to management. It includes discussion...

Introduction to Corporate Strategy
Macmillan Education UK (1996)

This introductory text is designed for undergraduates and students of professional qualifications...

Construction Marketing: Strategies for Success

Construction Marketing

Strategies for Success

Macmillan Education UK (1998)

This book covers the whole range of marketing principles, skills and knowledge that the modern...