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Statehouse Democracy: Public Opinion and Policy in the American States

Statehouse Democracy

Public Opinion and Policy in the American States

Cambridge University Press (1994)

The authors demonstrate that state policies are highly responsive to public opinion through the...

The Timeline of Presidential Elections: How Campaigns Do (and Do Not) Matter
University of Chicago Press (2012)

In presidential elections, do voters cast their ballots for the candidates whose platform and...

American Public Opinion: Its Origins, Content, and Impact

American Public Opinion (10th ed.)

Its Origins, Content, and Impact

Taylor and Francis (2019)

Providing an in-depth analysis of public opinion, including its origins in political socialization,...

The 2012 Presidential Election: Forecasts, Outcomes, and Consequences

The 2012 Presidential Election

Forecasts, Outcomes, and Consequences

Amnon Cavari, Richard Powell and 9 more...
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2013)

Analyses of the 2012 presidential election are already emerging, with various retrospectives,...