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George's Secret Key to the Universe

George's pet pig breaks through the fence into the garden next door - introducing him to his new...

George and the Unbreakable Code

George and his best friend Annie haven't had any space adventures for a while and they're missing...

Unlocking the Universe
Penguin Books Ltd (2020)

What would it have been like to walk the lava-filled earth four and a half billion years ago when it...

George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt

'We are going,' said Annie, 'on a great cosmic journey. So listen up, Savers of Planet Earth, and...

George and the Big Bang

Meet George. He's an ordinary boy with an incredible secret - the power to go on intergalactic...

George and the Blue Moon

George and his best friend, Annie have been selected as junior astronauts - part of a programme that...

A Brief History Of Time: From Big Bang To Black Holes

A Brief History Of Time

From Big Bang To Black Holes

Transworld (2009)

Was there a beginning of time? Could time run backwards? Is the universe infinite or does it have...

Brief Answers to the Big Questions: the final book from Stephen Hawking

Brief Answers to the Big Questions

the final book from Stephen Hawking

John Murray Press (2018)

THE NO.1 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'A beautiful little book by a brilliant mind' DAILY TELEGRAPH...

My Brief History
Transworld (2013)

'His clarity, wit and determination are evident, his understand and good humour moving' New...

Black Holes: The Reith Lectures
Transworld (2016)

“It is said that fact is sometimes stranger than fiction, and nowhere is that more true than in the...