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Cohesion: A Discourse Perspective
Peter Lang (2011)

This book represents a fresh look at cohesion, the point of departure being Halliday and Hasan’s...

International Handbook on Informal Governance
Edward Elgar Publishing (2012)

Acknowledging that governance relies not only on formal rules and institutions but to a significant...

Informal Governance in the European Union
Edward Elgar Publishing (2004)

The contributors to this volume address an issue of paramount importance concerning the politics of...

The Maastricht Treaty: Second Thoughts after 20 Years
Taylor and Francis (2016)

The Maastricht Treaty, signed in 1992 and ratified in the following year, is widely seen as a...

After Lisbon: National Parliaments in the European Union
Taylor and Francis (2017)

The role of national parliaments in EU matters has become an important subject in the debate over...

Brexit and Democracy: The Role of Parliaments in the UK and the European Union

Brexit and Democracy

The Role of Parliaments in the UK and the European Union

Springer International Publishing (2019)

This volume addresses an important aspect of Brexit that has been ever-present in public debates,...

The Social Construction of Europe
SAGE Publications (2001)

This book is the first to systematically introduce and apply a social constructivist perspective to...

The Palgrave Handbook of EU-Asia Relations
Palgrave Macmillan (2013)

The Handbook provides a comprehensive range of contributions on the relations between the EU and...

Security Relations between China and the European Union: From Convergence to Cooperation?
Cambridge University Press (2016)

This book explores EU-China security cooperation across a range of key issues.

The European Union and China
Macmillan Education UK (2018)

An up-to-date and accessible introduction to EU-China relations. It explores the key aspects of the...