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"Trickle Down Theory" and "Tax Cuts for the Rich"
Hoover Institution Press (2012)

This essay unscrambles gross misconceptions that have made rational debates about tax policies...

Controversial Essays
Hoover Institution Press (2013)

One of conservatism's most articulate voices dissects today's most important economic, racial,...

A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles

A Conflict of Visions

Ideological Origins of Political Struggles

Basic Books (2007)

Thomas Sowell's classic analysis of the opposing visions behind today's ethical and ideological...

Ever Wonder Why?: and Other Controversial Essays

Ever Wonder Why?

and Other Controversial Essays

Hoover Institution Press (2013)

Thomas Sowell takes aim at a range of legal, social, racial, educational, and economic issues in...

Education: Assumptions versus History: Collected Papers


Assumptions versus History: Collected Papers

Hoover Institution Press (2017)

In the papers collected in Education: Assumptions versus History, Dr. Thomas Sowell takes a hard...

Dismantling America: and other controversial essays

Dismantling America

and other controversial essays

Basic Books (2010)

These wide-ranging essays—on many individual political, economic, cultural and legal issues—have as...

Intellectuals and Race
Basic Books (2013)

Thomas Sowell's incisive critique of the intellectuals' destructive role in shaping ideas about race...

Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One

Applied Economics

Thinking Beyond Stage One

Basic Books (2008)

This revised edition of Applied Economics is about fifty percent larger than the first edition. It...

Ethnic America: A History
Basic Books (2008)

This classic work by the distinguished economist traces the history of nine American ethnic...

The Housing Boom and Bust: Revised Edition
Basic Books (2010)

Scary headlines and scarier statistics tell the story of a financial crisis on a scale not seen in...