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Use of Representations in Reasoning and Problem Solving: Analysis and Improvement
Taylor and Francis (2010)

Within an increasingly multimedia focused society, the use of external representations in learning,...

Simulation-Based Experiential Learning
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2012)

Proceediings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on The Use of Computer Models for Explication,...

Cyber-Physical Laboratories in Engineering and Science Education
Springer International Publishing (2018)

This volume investigates a number of issues needed to develop a modular, effective, versatile, cost...

Explorations in Learning and the Brain: On the Potential of Cognitive Neuroscience for Educational Science

Explorations in Learning and the Brain

On the Potential of Cognitive Neuroscience for Educational Science

Springer US (2009)

This volume presents a short review study of the potential relationships between cognitive...

Technology-Enhanced Learning: Principles and Products

Technology-Enhanced Learning

Principles and Products

Springer Netherlands (2009)

Technology-enhanced learning is a timely topic, the importance of which is recognized by educational...

Design and Production of Multimedia and Simulation-based Learning Material
Springer Netherlands (2012)

This volume results from a meeting that was held in Barcelona, Spain, April 1993, under the auspices...