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Coordinating Mathematics Across the Primary School
Taylor and Francis (1998)

Specifically designed for busy teachers who have responsibility for co-ordinating a subject area...

Meeting the Standards in Primary Mathematics: A Guide to the ITT NC
Taylor and Francis (2003)

This book guides readers through the professional standards and requirements to reach Qualified...

Teacher Education in England: A Critical Interrogation of School-led Training

Teacher Education in England

A Critical Interrogation of School-led Training

Taylor and Francis (2017)

Models of teacher education in England have undergone major upheaval in recent years. Teacher...

What Mama Taught Me: The Seven Core Values of Life

What Mama Taught Me

The Seven Core Values of Life

HarperCollins (2009)

Millions of viewers of Tony Brown's Journal , the longest-running series on PBS, know Tony Brown as...

Mathematics Education and Language: Interpreting Hermeneutics and Post-Structuralism

Mathematics Education and Language

Interpreting Hermeneutics and Post-Structuralism

Springer Netherlands (2006)

` Contemporary thinking on philosophy and the social sciences has been dominated by analyses that...

Mathematics Education and Subjectivity: Cultures and Cultural Renewal

Mathematics Education and Subjectivity

Cultures and Cultural Renewal

Springer Netherlands (2011)

This book considers mathematical teaching and learning with a view to changing them. Through...

The Environment and Aggregate-Related Archaeology
Oxbow Books (2009)

This volume provides a synthetic review of the background and archaeology that has emerged through...

Elvis, Strait, to Jesus: An Iconic Producer's Journey with Legends of Rock 'n' Roll, Country, and Gospel Music

Elvis, Strait, to Jesus

An Iconic Producer's Journey with Legends of Rock 'n' Roll, Country, and Gospel Music

Center Street (2018)

"In the world of modern country music history, Tony Brown has earned a critical spot...[as] one of...

R. S. Thomas
University of Wales Press (2009)

At his death in 2000, R. S. Thomas was widely considered to be one of the major poets of the...

Developing the Individual: Training and Development 11.9

Developing the Individual

Training and Development 11.9

Wiley (2003)

Effective Training & Development is essential if you are to continuously get the best from your...