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New Perspectives on the Chinese Revolution
Taylor and Francis (2015)

These essays present fresh insights into the history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), from its...

The Rise to Power of the Chinese Communist Party: Documents and Analysis: Documents and Analysis
Taylor and Francis (2016)

This collection of documents covers the rise to power of the Chinese communist movement. They show...

New Perspectives on State Socialism in China
Taylor and Francis (2016)

Placing Chinese Community Party history in the realm of social history and comparative politics,...

The Reform Decade in China: From Hope to Dismay
Taylor and Francis (2018)

This book, first published in 1992, provides a detailed analysis of the reform programme in post-Mao...

The Chinese People's Movement: Perspectives on Spring, 1989: Perspectives on Spring, 1989
Taylor and Francis (2019)

The pro-democracy demonstrations of April-May 1989 heralded the awakening of public opinion in urban...

China: Politics and Government


Politics and Government

Macmillan Education UK (1981)

Governance and Politics of China
Macmillan Education UK (2017)

The success or failure of China's development will impact not only its own citizens but also those...

Communist Political Systems: An Introduction

Communist Political Systems (3rd ed.)

An Introduction

Stephen White, John Gardner and 2 more...
Macmillan Education UK (1990)

Written by a team of leading academic specialists, the third edition of this widely-used text...

Governance and Politics of China
Macmillan Education UK (2018)

Over the past 20 years change in China has been breathtaking. Reform has affected every facet of...