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C.S. Lewis Then and Now
Oxford University Press (2001)

Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963) was a distinguished scholar of medieval and Renaissance literature...

Reading C.S. Lewis: A Commentary
Oxford University Press (2015)

Wesley Kort's Reading C. S. Lewis: A Commentary is a captivating collection of essays on...

Textual Intimacy: Autobiography and Religious Identities

Textual Intimacy

Autobiography and Religious Identities

University of Virginia Press (2012)

Given its affinity with questions of identity, autobiography offers a way into the interior space...

Bound to Differ: The Dynamics of Theological Discourses

Bound to Differ

The Dynamics of Theological Discourses

Penn State University Press (1992)

In this analysis of theological conflict, Wesley Kort treats theologies as discourses that generate...

The Place of Landscape: Concepts, Contexts, Studies

The Place of Landscape

Concepts, Contexts, Studies

Jeff Malpas, Wesley Kort and 14 more...
The MIT Press (2011)

Interdisciplinary perspectives on landscape, from the philosophical to the geographical, with an...