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Those in Peril: Hector Cross 1

Those in Peril

Hector Cross 1

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

He mounted his assault rifle to his shoulder and fired a three-shot burst into the thorn bush. The...

The Triumph of the Sun: The Courtney Series 12

The Triumph of the Sun

The Courtney Series 12

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

Menace emanated from them as fiercely as the heat from the sun. Night and day, the drums never...

The Golden Lion
HarperCollins (2015)

In this epic African adventure, Wilbur Smith returns to his longest running series -- and the very...

Vicious Circle: Hector Cross 2

Vicious Circle

Hector Cross 2

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

The stench of death follows you, Hector Cross. You are as loathsome as the black hyena. I curse you...

River God: The Egyptian Series 1

River God

The Egyptian Series 1

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

Fame and popularity breed envy in high places, and the adulation of the mob is fickle. They often...

Birds of Prey: The Courtney Series 9

Birds of Prey

The Courtney Series 9

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

'Africa!' The sound of that mysterious name on his own lips raised goose pimples along his arms and...

The Leopard Hunts in Darkness: The Ballantyne Series 4
Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

Craig got no further, for Tungata's anger turned to red fury. He was shaking with it, it clouded his...

Assegai: The Courtney Series 13


The Courtney Series 13

Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

From directly overhead he heard the loud flapping of heavy wings and another vulture rose from...

On Leopard Rock: A Life of Adventures
Bonnier Publishing Fiction (2018)

Wilbur Smith has lived an incredible life of adventure, and now he shares the extraordinary true...

Desert God
HarperCollins (2014)

On the shores of the Nile, the fate of a kingdom rests in one hero's hands ... When the ancient...